Comeback Kid, Hillary Clinton won and do not doubt for a second her ability to take Pennsylvania. However, I do not think this knock down drag out battle will end any time soon and this could be awful for the Democratic Party regardless of the who the candidate is.

I hate / despise / loath (?) Hillary Clinton but in the sea of morons running she’s the pick of the litter. I mean she’s smart, hardcore enough to do the damn thing and compared to Barack (no offense to you Barack-ians) he has no experience, no logic. I mean I dig the grassroots efforts, but his health care ideas are so skewed and he’s backed down from universal health care- he might wanna retrieve those balls if he wants to be President.

And get less jargon and speeches and something that grabs me- like how can he help fix the economy, how will he help lower the national debt, what programs will he create to make sure that children are less milled through school and educated instead…

And John McCain… See, I just can’t dig someone conservative. Bush’s Supreme Court Justices are so not awesome for just the minimal things like woman’s rights, stem cell research and his courts will be his legacy. So follow him with another conservative who backs an unpopular war.

I love John Edwards, I think was so adorable and likeable and I think even with his best efforts the spotlight has been showering Hillary and Barack, so unless he turned Republican, he didn’t have a chance. And Giuliani squandered his name recognition and notoriety by putting all his efforts in Florida. What a waste.

Now the knock down drag out eventual fist fight between Barack and Hillary – take the two most popular kids in high school and have them gossip about each other for 6 months. They won’t be very popular anymore. That could cost the Democrats the election and give it someone who looks like he has abscessed teeth in his mouth.

In the long run, speaking for the final candidate- it will be Hillary. You don’t want Barbie to be your president; you want a bitch to get the damn job done. Now her and McCain…

Bitch v Chipmunk, go bitch, go!

  1. i just want to know how she get 35 years experience

  2. You have a funny way of looking at this LOL! I missed you, Midget!