I’m writing a book – a very small portion is written, even. Most of the plot is worked out in my head (no I don’t do outlines and stuff like that – it works much better if I keep it in my head since when I do outlines I NEVER finish what I’ve started) and I know that the story’s good.

Damned good. The beginning has even gotten good reviews from a few who I consider to be tough critics.

Sounds good right? As far as all that goes – yes, it does. The problem comes in actually getting it written.

It’s not even writer’s block. After a few months of wondering what the fuck my problem is I’ve decided that it’s over-motivation. Sounds weird, right? Right, but it’s true.

I have too much riding on getting it written and published. Way too much. So I tense up when I try to make myself get it out, therefore not getting it out, making myself angry, and adding even more blood and gore to the plot in my head… which might work out alright in the end but for now it’s pretty bloody maddening.

  1. I happen to be writing a book, too, so I’m quite over-motivated :) Good luck for the book! Hope it’ll get published soon.

  2. That’s sad hon. I know you’re supercritical of your work and that’s a good thing but you need to find a way to consider this a fun hobby until it’s written and then you can work on finishing it up and publishing it.

  3. RELAX… start by something small like and outline, and then work up to short stories. Don’t tense up so much just relax.