The good thing about this year’s Wrestlemania – it’s over.

Apparently, they bumped the US title match to make it a dark match battle royal. What a shame. So let’s call that a no contest.

WWE Champion Edge defended successfully the title against Alberto Del Rio. The match was the first of the show, and it wasn’t that great a match. You do the match.
Predicted: Del Rio – 0-1

CORRE knocked out Vladimir Kozlov, which gave Kofi Kingston a Wrestlemania moment. This match was brutal to watch, thank God it was a short match.
Predicted: CORRE – 0-2

Cody Rhodes showed a mean streak that I was almost impressed with. Rey Mysterio showed that his costume tailor is an idiot. The match was at best mediocre, and hopefully is a wake up call to Rey that it’s time to retire.
Predicted: Rey – 0-3

The potential sleeper match didn’t really have much gas to it, but both wrestlers told a great story in the ring. This match was definitely a pay-per-view caliber match, the first of the night.
Predicted: Orton – 1-3

Good ol’ JR called the match with Booker T and that kid from the first Tough Enough, and this match brought the first bleed of the night when Jerry Lawler tried to rip Michael Cole’s arm through the “Cole-Mine” barricade. Lawler got the submission, but the “anonymous” RAW General Manager overturned the ruling because Stone Cold “got physically involved.” So he stunned everyone, even (and thankfully) Booker T.
Predicted: Lawler – 1-4

First, the World title match was first of the night, then this match came before the Snooki match? Who booked this card, Jason Hervey? This was a brutal match, best “streak” match I think. Question: How long had ‘Takers shoulders been on the mat, and where was the ref to count?
Predicted: Triple H – 1-5

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! KILL ME! This match was just a series of clustered moves designed to be a blur, which is great when it’s a one-on-one contest, but not when there are so many people in the ring. It was nice to see Snooki do the handspring into the buttbump (shades of the Great Muta) and then that handspring into a (really) small splash.
Predicted: Morrison, Stratus, and Snooki – 2-5

Miz showed why he has potential to be one of the top WWE Superstars. John Cena showed why he deserves each and every boo he gets. He was fumbling and stumbling around the ring like he was Jeff Hardy, and it’s a shame because this was the MAIN EVENT and he dropped the ball. And even with the Rock re-starting the match, having it end initially as a double count out was pretty shitty. Oh and by the way: Thank you Rock.
Predicted: The Miz – 3-5

The fans were really into the 3 minute walk down the ramp, the 47 seconds The Rock teased once in the ring, and the 13 minute stick-fest that made me feel less like I was watching Wrestlemania and more like I was at a Sweet 16. They were pretty much into the Streak match, the Orton/Punk match, and the Lawler/Cole debacle.

The fans chanted “boring” during the show, and were pretty antsy with the 4 minute pre-intro before they even got John Cena to come out for the main event. Speaking of, the fans were LEAST into that match of all matches until the Rock came out.

While I think it’s a work, ‘Taker did take a couple of really bad bumps. The worst I think was when he flew over the top: I don’t think he connected right and landed funny. The next was when he got caught and thrown into the Spanish announcer’s table. After that bump, he didn’t look into it and I was impressed that he toughed it out.

Shock of the night: That people stayed after the second match.

This was a good RAW, but a horrible Wrestlemania.

  1. Horrible WrestleMania indeed. Taker/HHH match was pretty good, Lawler/Cole was fine until the “anonymous” RAW general manager fucked that up (hence the “Atlanta Screwjob”), but overall it should have been entirely a dark match with the above exceptions.

    • Differences between Atlanta and Montreal:
      * Montreal, the match was stopped.
      * Atlanta, the match ended but the ruling was overturned.

      * Montreal, Vince McMahon did it to protect the title and the company
      * Atlanta, it was done to carry the storyline further

      The fans said it best during the whole show by saying nothing at all.