It started as a question.

Q: “You ever wonder why they don’t make tank tops in 2XL?”


We started playing this game one day out of boredom. It has become a sensation that has taken over the majority of working time. Here’s how it works.

Chubby girl walks in wearing something that everyone knows she shouldn’t be.
Someone calls out “WINNER!”

1 point for a t-shirt that just doesn’t fit.
2 points for a tank top
3 points for a halter top
5 points for a tube top.
10 points if her bra is showing.
12 points if she wants a size 6 1/2 shoe.
20 points if she figures out you’re talking about her.

Yes, it’s mean. Yes, if she has the confidence to wear it blah blah blah…
Whatever. I just need something to keep me from being bored.

  1. this is a work-related game only. no one ever comes in wearing the bright green “everybody has sole” tshirt and khakis so a provision hasn’t been made for outfit copiers.

  2. What about if she is wearing something that she looks bad in but you or a friend are currently wearing and look hot in? Are there extra points for that?

  3. If TGO worked there she would have cryed in 5 seconds then would find the nearest knife to slit her wrists

  4. you automatically win for the day if you make her cry. no one’s succeeded yet because apparently it’s “bad for business”

  5. American women have either got big feet or your shoe sizes are completely different. I know for males there’s half a size in it.

  6. Do you get extra points if you make her cry? I mean big, hurt tears?

  7. A six and a half US woman’s shoe usually fits someone who is quite petite, and more than likely weighs about 80 pounds, or 36 kilo.

    Or a child.

  8. I don’t get the six and a half shoe bit.

  9. You are funny.. :)

  10. That’s great. There should be points awarded for back fat. That’s the part I always hated in high school. Either that or her thong showing out the back of her pants.

  11. At that point TGO would walk up to her and offer her a bottle or 3 of Staker 2.

  12. Ooooh can I play?

  13. 2