“Do you want me to take you home?” he asked her as she put her clothes back on and pulled her hair in a ponytail.

“No, I’ll be fine. It’s just a few blocks.” It was actually more than a few, fifteen to be exact. But the last two hours were a blur in her mind, and she needed the fresh air to think. Besides, Doug was in no condition to drive – he wasn’t drunk, but he was on an expressway there.

She still did not understand his need to drink after they had been intimate together. Was she that bad? Surely not, or else he wouldn’t want her to come back for more. Doug had told her that her feelings were an issue when it came to them being nothing more than fuck buddies. What a harsh word, she reflected. Maybe he was right though. She did want something more out of their relationship – so much more. Maybe his drinking was just a way for him to deal with his feelings of wanting more than just sex.

“Males,” she mumbled.

“Are you okay? Looking for something?” his voice caught her off guard.

“No, just grabbing my jacket. Enjoy your beer.” She had been letting her thoughts run through her mind as she stood in his living room.

She had managed to convince Doug that she didn’t need an escort home, and that it really wasn’t that late for her to be walking home alone. He hadn’t asked if she wanted to spend the night with him though. She would have opted for that option, especially if it involved waking up to his kisses on her soft skin. But she knew that would never happen again, Doug had sworn over and over again that he would never date her.

“You’re a great girl… just not for me,” he had told her a week after they first slept together. She had immediately gone for the Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream in her freezer. She consumed the whole pint, 1000 calories, and followed it with a few shots.

A week and a half later Doug followed it up by an “I love you”, which he instantly claimed he never said. She had let him blame it on the alcohol he had consumed, but deep down inside she knew that Doug did care about her and possibly even loved her, just a little of course.

Ugh, my feelings, she scolded herself for thinking of him still.

  1. Alcohol always tends to complicate things. Like, I wonder if Doug would have been with her if there was no beer involved, or if she’d be so willing to acknowledge the “I love you” as a simple slip of the tongue.

    Excellent writing! =)

  2. Great writing! Wish I could write that good :)

  3. good story. keep it up.