I’ve been sick for a while and I’m just tired of it. I was going to call my flight chief today and ask about staying home to get some rest. Then it dawned on me that if I stayed home rest just wouldn’t be possible and that I was better off going to work. And the reason I would not get any rest at home?

Their names are Chelsea and Crystal.

Chelsea is at the age where she is pretty self-sufficient. And by self sufficient I mean she knows how to ask me for what she wants. For example, as soon as we get in the car to go home she starts with “I want milk.” And she repeats it the whole way home in that whining annoying toddler voice. Then she’ll chime in with “I want a banana” and “I want Mac and cheese and a spoon. Baby wants Mac and cheese too.”

By the time we get in the house she has named pretty much every item in the refrigerator. Then it’s “Off shoes” and “Off pants” and “I got da poop in my diaper”. Did I mention this whole time Crystal is at my feet saying “Up!”

Cooking dinner is the hardest part. Because they both know all about dinner. They both know that eventually it gets done. But it needs to be done quicker because I’m a magician and I’m supposed to magically wave my arms and *poof* it’s ready. Oh but then “It’s hots mommy! Its gotta coo in da freezer!”

After dinner is spent playing the spit your drink out game. This is the game where Chelsea takes a sip of her milk or water and I have to tell her to swallow it before she spits it out. And if she wins I have to run and get a towel to clean it up before Crystal runs by and slips on it.

So, being that I am sick, and just couldn’t manage the monsters ALL day, I chose to go to work. My day at work was probably just as rough as it would have been if I were to stay home. But that a story for another day.

  1. im sorry your having a hard time and your sick :( hopefulyl things’ll will start looking up

  2. Oh the joys of motherhood! Maybe I should just go have my ovaries cut out before it too late…

  3. It sounds like you had a pretty rough day. Sorry to hear of such madness. Is it wrong that I find Chelsea and Crystal’s adolescent behaviors cute? Then again, I guess it was quite annoying. I’d have to actually be there. In the mean time, feel better and have better days :D

  4. I’ve been blessed with having some extra time with my son the past couple of weeks, with this last week being a very loooong two night stay. I am real happy he’s been potty trained for the most part before his third birthday, and he pretty much runs the house on his own. Like, he’ll go into the fridge and get his own juice, or he’ll snack when he’s hungry on strawberries, and he’ll ask about the bathroom to make sure there’s a light on but otherwise I could probably fall asleep and not worry about something happening because he’s more responsible than I am LOL.

    HOWEVER… stupid me let him play Shrek3 on my PlayStation the other day, and now I can’t get him to stop whining about him wanting to play. All day Saturday, despite me promising him that we’ll have all day Sunday to lounge around and play the game in between eating and a couple other errands I have to do, he would keep asking me.