Okay, I admit, I have fallen off the face of the planet. When I first started writing at The Dead End, I had a million little things to say and write about but now that the busy season is upon on us here in retail Hell – I don’t have time or internet to tell you my ridiculous little stories that waste both of our time like:

I’m in a heated cat fight with the c**t faced bitch that works for me; people who are on this side of town suck balls; I don’t get along with girls from queens; or my boyfriend is awesome.

Or that I am solely responsible for the break up of my roommate and boyfriend’s best friend because I repeated a conversation. I really wish that I could have made up that he felt like he was babysitting her but sometimes life is better then fiction. It took me a week and awkward moments to apologize.

Or why I refused to speak with my mother on my birthday. And now kinda feel bad.

So yes. I am now way too self important to tell you any of these things – yeah. I’m too busy. The fact that I only really have internet time at the little hell hole spot of a desk doesn’t make it any easier considering the dated leopard wall paper seems to block off ALLL of my creative energy.

God bless the busy season. Amen. AND OOOO God- how the Hell did the Mets get beat out of the World Series. Totally broke my heart with what should have been historic catch in the last game of their play offs… damnit. I really thought they would make it all the way.

  1. I could tell you about the Mets getting blown out of the playoffs, but you might think that’s Yankees pride. I’ll wait until another Mets fan comes to tell you it was brutal arrogance and their overall inexperience that got them beat.

  2. Personally, I’d love to hear about the heated cat fight with the c**t faced bitch that works for you or how people who are on that side of town suck balls (unless you mean…).

    As far as being responsible for the break up of your roommate and boyfriend’s best friend because you repeated a conversation – ehh. It happens to the best of us.

    I’ve called my mother once since I moved in here in August. I should feel bad, but I don’t.

    Dated leopard wall paper? Ewww.

  3. Blogging can become a chore and not something that you enjoy, people often think you’re dead if you stop blogging after so long or don’t comment or say something and then they forget about you and never visit your site again :(

  4. Me too I’m all for the heated cat fight with some catty a** heifers. I’m seriously lacking in drama lately so you need to post some for me to read about.