So this lovely wedding planning this has been a blast. I suggest anyone who wants a reason to have a nervous breakdown to plan one for themselves.

About three weeks ago we decided there’s no way in Hell we could afford the wedding we were planning and no one was willing to co sign on a loan so it was impossible. (I cried for three days simply over the sheer waste time and energy and money planning the damn thing for it not to happen) we planned a new wedding, smaller earlier in the day, no feeding. Easier. And we can afford it. My eye stopped twitching it was great.

So here are the problems:

1. No one thinks we can make it from Long Island to NYC to get to my hair good and back in time for the ceremony.
2. Ellen doesn’t want to pay for hair. Regina doesn’t want to pay for the shoes I picked and says I am not supposed to pick shoes.
3. My uncle had been paying for a long series of dental work and called it a wedding gift but decided Monday he can’t afford it anymore. Leaving me a bill for $1,900.00 – my Gramma thinks it’s because Christian and I are honeymooning in Mexico (for $1,400.00 including air and hotel) which his parents paid for but didn’t want it to be common knowledge, and we saved up for like a month to rent a car and drive out there for the day. Both of those things clearly say I have tons and tons of hidden extra money. The holes in my boots are just kidding, aren’t they funny? So now my eye is twitching again.

But yeah to answer John’s questions, that’s where I’ve been…

  1. Wow, seriously? That’s ridiculous.

    Where on the Island you doing your hair?

  2. Wow… I’m sorry all those things happened. Hopefully everything goes your way in the end.