Somehow, I got stuck with this gig feeding feral cats. Gig is too strong a word, since that implies I get paid, which I don’t.

It all started when my friend left town. She had been feeding these cats for a year or two.

“You’re the only hope these cats have left. I’ve tried everyone else. If you don’t feed them, they’ll die.”

“I don’t think I have time. I’m getting married in a month then I’m gone to Scotland for two weeks…”

‘”They’ll dieeeeeeee.”

After much pleading and cajoling, she finally convinced me to take care of them through September, swearing up and down that she’d find somebody else to do it.

Well, September is in like two days, she’s still out of state (and will be for a very long time) and I’m still feeding the cats.

These are not skinny cats. Well, one is. That one, which we call Aggressive Gray Cattus, is skin and bones and only shows up at Cafe Joey once every week or so. The rest of the Cattus (which is what we call them collectively) are fat. Wicked fat.

They are not getting this fat off of one meal a day. I am of the belief that they would be pissed off we stopped feeding them, but that they would remain pretty fat. They live next to a college dorm. I imagine they are being fed all the time.

Still, I have an ethical dilemma here. I remember having when I was a kid, it was beaten into my skull that if you start feeding a wild animal, it comes to rely on you leaving food out for it. Even though these cattus look fat and healthy, if I stop feeding them, maybe they will all starve and die. I don’t know.

Anyhow, in the meantime, I smell like Walmart Special Kitty cat food. $1.16 for four cans. Wouldn’t feed it to my own cats, but the cattus seem to love it.

  1. While this is all true, I would like to nominate it for worst TDE entry of 2007. Thank you.

  2. Haha lol :)

  3. i am not much of a cat person; but if i see one on the street, i’d def. feed em. and since you’ve been feeding these cats and you suddenly stopped, who do you think would feed them? Come on, give the cats a break. Im pretty sure your friend would find someone to take care of them when you get married and leave for scottland! *Btw, have fun with that, whcih im sure u would!*

    Orrr.. if your friend cant find one, maybe you should start looking for someone who would feed them?

  4. I haven’t stopped feeding them, for the record.

    I already did get married and do the Scotland thing, during which time the cats just got fatter.

    They get fatter every time I see them.

  5. so wait- do these cats actually belong to someone? or are they just random cats off the street? If they dont actually belong to someone, I would take them to the pound or an animal shelter or something.

  6. We don’t have a “do not kill” shelter out here. All cats brought to the local ASPCA are put down within 24 hours. My friend found this out the hard way. She brought her cats down there when she couldn’t find a place for them, changed her mind two days later and found out they’d already been put down. Anyhow, it is either feed them outside, bring ’em to the shelter/kill ’em, or leave them to fend for themselves.

  7. uhh… feral cats? don’t they have rabies or something??

  8. [quote comment=”19858″]uhh… feral cats? don’t they have rabies or something??[/quote]
    Only if we’re lucky.