The thunder is loud enough to shake the whole house.
The lightning is bright enough to scoff at electricity.
And yet, there isn’t a drop of rain in sight.

I remember my short-lived 6th grade dream of wanting to become a meteorologist. All I can say is that I’m glad that thought got lost somewhere between middle school and high school. When I was younger, I thought Mr. G was an idiot for delivering an inaccurate weather forecast. However, I now see why he always had a hard time… this weather is crazy. Mother Nature must be going through menopause.

  1. I was on my way up to go pick the Lil’ Moo up last night and I was stuck on the Cross Island Parkway CRAWLING for almost 45 minutes through that light show. But I also had POURING rain to go along with it. It was the most unbelievable thing I had ever witnessed weatherwise in New York!

    And welcome to the site! Who gave you keys to write here? LOL

  2. Being a life-long Mainer (Maine-ahh), I can totally attest to the often surprising weather conditions Mother Nature throws our way. She surely has a mind of her own (so to speak). But, we all can have bad days.

  3. That weather sounds really familiar. I live in Michigan and we just went through the same thing. And then the weather channel said that we were going to have severe thunderstorms all day. Yeah, bright and sunny all day. We just finally got a thunderstorm 15 minutes ago. Stupid weather guy.

  4. I remember when News 12 first launched. They said on the weather would be wonderful… as I was looking right out the window and it was pitch dark at 2pm.