Web Security Tips

I figured it was time that somebody with almost a decade of Interweb experience – but no real knowledge of how it works – did a bit of column here about how to most effectively use the Interweb.

Today: Security Tips

Well, passwords.

The thing about passwords is that you’re probably not going to have your site hacked if you don’t have anything of interest on it.

For example, former teenage cam princess Nay had stalkers who wanted to get into her site so that they could look for details about what sorts of socks she wore. She was somebody in need to a password that was difficult to decipher.

Or a bank.

Anyhow, you and me, we’re just people with blogs and email. No hacker worth his salt is going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out our passwords because all they are going to get if they figure it out is the ability to read emails from our Aunt Bertha.

Basically, my identity is not worth stealing.

Oh, also because of my credit rating. Shot all to hell. Damn.

My point is, I can use the password “1-2-3-4-5” and let everyone know that I do because nobody especially cares.

So, my first major web security tip is “don’t put anything worthwhile online.”

I keep all my money in a mason jar in a basement. Try hacking them.

This also allows you to make your password the same as your login name. If nobody cares what you’re posting, why not make it easy on yourself? Who can remember MP5mk6LhcXeVxEpz7YnR? Why not just make your password “johnale?” Indeed, everyone should make their password that.

Ease trumps security in the land of the dull.

Next Week: Safe Cam Use

  1. MP5mk6LhcXeVxEpz7YnR is the PIN number for my cell phone so I can check my messages!

  2. I got my journal hacked once, about four years ago. Why’d they do it? To see if I was talking shit about them. I’d never have known who did it if they hadn’t changed my email address and put in THEIR home ISP address which was their full name at their ISP. Talk about a stupid “criminal”.