John recently bought a laptop.

That’s right.  I finally, after 4 or 5 years of debating, decided to stray from desktop computing and am now mobile with a laptop.

I can connect away from home, or even in another room, should I want to.  I can connect to my printer and do almost everything I could do with my dead computer, 7, with ease.

I do have a couple of minor complaints.  The first is the stupid touch mouse.  Seriously, who designed this?  I bought a cordless mouse with the computer and I am glad I did, because this pad thing is just shit.  I even went so far to get a corded mouse for when I need to be precise with graphic editing.

This complaint I am aware of because of my ex and her issue when our son decided to torture her for not paying attention to him – how easy the keyboard can come apart.   I like to use the 10-Key.  The “enter” key does not work.  Luckily, the standard “enter” key is right there, but yeah.  Silicone adhesive is keeping the bad enter key in place for cosmetics.

The third complaint I have isn’t so minor.  The keyboard itself sucks.  I find myself retyping things I don’t usually have to retype because the keyboard isn’t picking up all the letters it should (meaning, the ones I am hitting).  This usually comes with double letters, like “tt” or “oo”, and maybe it’s more of a peeve than anything, but really?  I never had a problem like this before.  I average between 50-70 WPM and I type all day at work, so why is it at home I’m an idiot?

I blame my laptop.

The stupid shit I can complain about (if I really wanted to) are just that – stupid.  Very petty complaints, but considering I’m a life-long desktop user, they are legitimate transitional complaints.

Overall, there is hope that I may come back and post more trivial banter soon.

But don’t hold your breath.

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