So I’ve come to the conclusion that there are just too many hours in my day. I can’t sleep anymore, I get too much of that as it is. And now that I’ve established a rather horrid routine of waking up before noon, I’m left with entirely too much time on my hands!

Don’t get me wrong, I do have a job. But due to the wonderful invention of budget cuts, I have about 150 hours to work the entire summer. So that’s roughly eleven hours a week – two hours a day. Getting $12 an hour for it and being able to work from home makes the job worth keeping, but it really just isn’t all that time-consuming.

Thus, I have come up with some ideas as to what I can do to occupy my spare time:

  1. Sunbathe for eight hours a day so that I can contract skin cancer like half of the girls in my high school graduating class.
  2. Get a second job at one of the local hot spots so that I can be hit on by old men with two teeth who can’t speak English even though they were born and raised here while they spit their Copenhagen at my feet.
  3. Become a professional Sing Star player. I’m sure that blasted game will recognize my talent any minute now and start forking over the fame and fortune.
  4. One Word. Gambling! Six Words. Simulcast opens every day at eleven.
  5. Lease my dog out as an alarm system. I don’t care if it doesn’t have legs and hasn’t moved in twenty years. He will bark at it, alerting you to its presence! You never known when that pesky lawn chair is going to rob you blind!

So dear readers, my challenge to you: Find me something to do! Because having a permanent imprint of a computer chair on my butt may deter me from shopping at Victoria’s Secret ever again.

  1. ROFL OMG my dog does the same thing I laughed. Um….. sorry its boring around here.

  2. [quote post=”1165″]ROFL OMG my dog does the same thing I laughed. Um….. sorry its boring around here.[/quote]
    Way to go Karyn for suggesting something… wait, you didn’t.

    I say you travel. Get in the scene machine and hit the road to parts unknown!

  3. [quote post=”1165″]I say you travel. Get in the scene machine and hit the road to parts unknown![/quote]

    Dare I say it.. I agree with John.

    You should come visit Alabama!

  4. *nod* Alabama misses you.

  5. Or you could go to the river side park and chill. Hmm….. I dunno go for a walk? Go pick on uber? Throw spazz into the River? oooh and don’t forget about river fest! go to knobles… or dorney park.. go swimming, sleep out on a trampoline, go to a mic night. or a poetry reading….

  6. Find something to do? I think you just did. Keep blogging.. and blogging.. and blogging…. :P

  7. Too much time?! There is NO SUCH THING!

    Suggestion: SHOP!

  8. Take a course to make yourself more rounded.(Guitar? Fencing? Swing dancing?)

    Or you can volunteer somewhere.

  9. LOL. :P I think you should take up vexeling. That has got to be the most god-damn time consuming thing ever.

  10. I’d take a few of your hours off your hands no problem. Then again I’d just spend that time shopping, which would make me need to have even more hours to make money, so just keep your stupid hours.