I could have sworn just last week we were hitting 50 warm degrees, and now… this?

I’m sitting in my bed under what feels like a million layers of blankets and my socks from Bath & Body Works (the sweetest, softest sleep socks on earth for those of you that are avid B&BW shoppers). My feet seem to be the only part of me that’s anywhere near being warm. Maybe I should have bought that matching robe to sleep in after all…

The only thing I haven’t resorted to yet has been gloves on my hands, which is getting more tempting by the moment. Except for the fact that I would have to shift the layers of blankets off of me and wander out to the cold air circulating in my room to find the gloves. I think I’ll pass.

Is zero even a temperature? And how does a person feel a negative temperature? I guess I’ll be finding out very shortly – as in the time between now and summer, because spring in the Midwest is just a joke.

It seems as though every time I go to The Weather Channel’s website I’m greeted with an even lower temperature than they’ve previously predicted…. NEGATIVE SEVEN DEGREES?!

And of course it’s followed by:

Plan a Caribbean Escape
Which island is right for you?
Video: How warm is it there now?

You know, the Caribbean doesn’t sound bad right about now…

  1. Sleeping in a robe? Why not just turn the heat up?

    This weekend in New York: 28 degrees. Or what you’d call a heat wave right about now hahaha

  2. Well, we all have to deal with it. Mother Nature will never make up her mind :)