In the ten-year anniversary of September 11, 2001, I have noticed something I never have noticed before.


There are many men and women that I know, older than I, that look at this day with somber tone. There are many my age that look back and still fear the impact.

No, this arrogance comes from a younger, media-saturated youth. One 20-year old asked why we even looked back at today as if anything happened, and why should we care.

Why? Ten years ago, a group of men collaborated, hijacked, and attacked two symbols of what America stands for. If that fourth plane had made it’s target, it would have likely hit either the White House or the Capitol Building, with all three symbols of our financial stability, military force, and government shattered.

Our government and our people have risen above this and become more alert, more aware, and more concerned with the possibility of allowing a heinous act like this from occurring again.

Another friend of mine asked why we don’t remember the Oklahoma City Bombings. A criminal act of domestic terrorism, motivated by hatred of the federal government and angered by what they perceived as the government’s mishandling of Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Over 2,900 people died in New York City ten years ago. More died in Washington, DC, and more died in that plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. These terrorists attacked America based on our way of life.

You can say what you want about today. One of our American rights is to speak our mind. Your arrogance is one of those rights those terrorists attacked. Your freedom to speak your mind, to build your future, to grow and learn and aspire to greatness.

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