I’ve lived with you for almost 8 whole months now, and for the most part, we’ve gotten along pretty well. But recently you’ll have noticed that I’m around less, and more mornings come with my bed being untouched. I was thinking about making a general effort to be at home more so that I could hang out with you both, but now being at home any time other than extremely late at night seems out of the question.

You see, I have to study to keep my grades up, and the only place in our apartment where I can study without having to listen to you both playing music (because apparently headphones don’t exist) is the living room. But now you have infringed upon my living room study time, and I’d really like to know why…

I cannot, for the life of me, understand what would possess either of you to pitch a tent that room. I’m not sure that Residential Life has any crazy housing laws which prevent it, but this doesn’t answer the question of why you did it. Yet, last I checked, the apartment belonged to three people who make decisions about it, not just two.

As far as I know, we’re not expecting any hobos or drifters to be passing through our way any time soon, and if we are, I’m not sure why they’d be staying in our apartment. All of our friends have their own rooms/houses, and we have two perfectly good couches and a love sac, so I’m not sure why we’d be providing additional shelter indoors for a friend. We have a ceiling and roof for a reason…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t tents made to be pitched outside? I can’t honestly see either of you camping outdoors, so I wonder why the tent was ever brought into our apartment in the first place. Did one of you suddenly wake up some morning and decide ‘Hey! Let’s put a tent in our living room so that the entire place is completely unusable!’ We don’t have enough room in our apartment for the three of us as it is, and now you’ve introduced a new roommate which apparently needs a whole room to itself..

Here’s a better idea, let’s put the tent on your side of the bedroom. Then you can both crawl over it to get to your things. All your other possessions are already there, so why not just add one more?

  1. ROFL. A Tent? Does this tent have a name? Do they have mass wild orgies in this tent? I mean come on! Unless this is a magical tent of doom this is an un-needed mass of junk in the middle of your space. I would crawl into it and spread out your books and put a sign out front of the tent that says “Whitters Study Hut”.

    You should keep it out front for random drunk people. That way if I’m ever around and drunk I have a place to sleep.

  2. Lmao @ the tent. I thought u were just using it figuratively… then I read on. I’ve never heard of such foolishness. You should take over the tent. Use it as your study area… then they probably get the clue that they are invading. Lol, nice site though. :)

  3. pitch a tent … love sac … it just writes itself.

  4. add a video camera and its like a warped porn…

  5. Thank you for the comment..
    Do your roommates smoke a lot of grass by any chance? I know us grass smokers like to pitch tents in our houses because it makes us feel one with nature without actually having to be outside…HAH!

  6. A tent? Wow. Do they not realize the amount of space you guys have? I can’t handle clutter – I’d have to clean LOL

  7. You could charge them campground fees. Maybe make a couple of bucks on their stupidity.

  8. my boyfriend and i made a fort out of blankets in the living room while our roommate was away. it was pretty sweet. but it didnt stay for longer than 6 hrs.

    ps: my dislike for my roommate is now considered obsessive by many- i dont know why- but to avoid that- keep communication open. they dont know whats bugging you unless you tell them.