With the last few days of my junior year coming to a close, the administrators at my place of learning decided that in order to make it fun for all of us, we should take a trip.

They obviously didn’t put a lot of thought into it.

WARNING: This entry is image heavy.

We went to Wonderland, a local amusement park.

The same one that’s had the same rides since I was born. Most of the people invited to go on this trip have lived in this town all of their lives. What I’m trying to say is, we’ve all been there once at some point, and that was more than enough.

So they decided to take a bunch of 17/18 year olds. We’re all very mature.
Sometimes we like to dress like Batman.

Sometimes we like to try to write our names with our toes.

Sometimes we like to show off our “hidden talents.”

Sometimes we like to do Starsky & Hutch impersonations.

But then they decided it would be fun to do labs while we were there.


But the weather was BEAUTIFUL! The clouds were shining with all their might. The wind was howling and it was a very balmy 45 degrees. HOT STUFF!

When we got there, they put stamps on our hands.

I’m guessing it was to encourage us to have fun. Not so subtle, tricky bastards.
But being the optimists that we are, everyone put a smile on their face.

We rode some rides.

And we get to do it all over again on Tuesday. JOY!

EDIT: This funfest2k5 was an area wide event entitled “Physics Day” so that’s what the labs were about. On Tuesday, we will be attending Wonderland AGAIN providing that we have passed all sections of the TAKS test. THX JOHN./EDIT

  1. Did you have to grade a certain score on your TEAC to be allowed to go?

  2. Images are non-existant to me.

  3. No pictures!