Hopefully making up for last week’s missed update. Due to the nature of the topic, it is very USA-centric. My apologies, international readers!

1. Who is your favorite figure from American history?

2. Who is your favorite figure from historical American pop-culture (let’s say pre-2000)?

3. What famous figure best symbolizes what it is to be American?

4. Who, in your opinion, was the finest President of the USA?

5. Who, in your opinion, was the most influential President of the USA?

6. Who has been the best president in your lifetime?

7. Who has been the worst president in your lifetime?

8. Who, in your opinion, was the least influential President of the USA?

9. Who, in your opinion, was the worst President of the USA?

10. Who is your least favorite figure from American pop-culture (pre-2000)?

11. Who is your least favorite figure from American history?

12. What is one thing that makes you proud to be an American?

13. What is one thing that makes you ashamed to be an American?

14. If you had to pick one object to represent what it means to be an American, what object would you pick?

15. If you had to pick one song to represent what it means to be an American…?

16. Movie?

17. TV Program?

18. Do you have a political affiliation? If so, what?

19. What is your favorite right from the Bill of Rights?

20. Can you sing the preamble of the constitution?

21. Who is the governor of your state?

22. Who is your senator?

23. Who is your representative?

24. What is the name of your mayor or selectman?

25. Who represents your district in your state house?

26. In your state senate?

27. Are you friends with any elected officials? If so, who?

28. Do you currently have a favorite candidate for president in the next election? If so, who?

29. Do you think the Interweb has improved the quality of political discourse in the USA?

30. How do you feel when somebody disagrees with one of your political views?

31. If you were traveling abroad, would you admit you were American?

32. What is the most fascinating event in American history?

33. What event from American history are you sick of hearing about already?

34. Best American tourist attraction?

35. Worst American tourist attraction?

36. What are some things that you believe are inherently American?

37. What are some things that believe are inherently un-American?

38. How many generations has your family been in the USA?

39. What country or countries did your ancestors come from?

40. Did any of your ancestors play an important part in American history?

41. Do you know why your ancestors left their home country to come to America?

42. Do you have a strong feeling about immigration?

43. Do you celebrate any events specifically related to your ancestor’s nationality (i.e., St. Patrick’s Day)?

44. How many states have you visited?

45. What state would you like to visit, but haven’t visited?

46. Favorite place in America to visit?

47. What is your favorite “American” food?

48. How many generations does a family have to live in the USA before they are considered American?

49. Best American band?

50. What is one thing that the government does for you in the USA that you are grateful for?

51. If you had to leave America permanently, where would you go?

52. What would make you choose to leave American permanently?

53. How, in general, do you view government agencies (IRS, INS, ATF, etc)?

54. What sort of grades did you get in history?

55. How do you spend Independence Day?

56. What’s the worst Independence Day related accident you’ve witnessed or experienced?

57. Best Independent Day food?

58. Favorite American holiday?

59. If you could choose one bird other than the bald Eagle to be the national bird, which would it be?

60. What is one thing that is illegal in America that probably should be legal?

61. What is one things that legal in America that probably should be illegal?

62. Can you sing the whole Star Spangled Banner?

63. Do you know any amusing substitute lyrics for the Star Spangled Banner?

64. Do you remember the Pledge of Allegiance?

65. Do you know any amusing versions of the Pledge?

66. Ever get in trouble for disrespecting the pledge in high school?

67. Do you know the national slogan?

68. Favorite state quarter?

69. Least favorite state quarter?

70. What is the deal with that eye in the pyramid on the dollar bill, anyhow?

71. Favorite American river?

72. Favorite American lake or other large body of water?

73. Favorite American mountain or hill?

74. Favorite American highway?

75. Favorite American folklore figure or story?

76. Favorite song about America by a non-American artist?

77. Favorite American sport?

78. Favorite American athletic team?

79. Favorite American athlete?

80. Historically, who or what was the most dangerous enemy America has faced?

81. Worst American disaster?

83. Favorite odd bit of American history?

84. If you could live in any era of American history, which would you choose?

85. If you could live anywhere in America other than where you currently live, where would you choose?

86. Can you name the justice on the supreme court?

87. Does your state have a supreme court?

88. Stupidest law in America.

89. Best American accent?

90. Where do you get the bulk of your news?

91. Are you involved with any specific American social or political issue?

92. What is your earliest memory of being American?

93. What is your area code?

94. Do you still use snail mail?

95. Have you ever survived a natural “event” (i.e. Tornado, volcano, tsunami) in America?

96. Who is somebody that loves America?

97. Who is somebody that hates America?

98. Who is somebody that makes America look good?

99. Who is somebody that makes America look bad?

100. If you had the time, would you walk from coast to coast?

  1. It’s definitely an interesting survey and if I were in a better frame of mind I’d considering answering all of them. But for now, I’m a democrat who believes that both presidents from the Bush family are among the worst presidents to date, and I’m from the lovely state that actually voted for the “Governator”

  2. I read it.. and maybe some day I’ll actually consider doing the survey lol. I agree with Lissi though. Both Bush presidents are by far the very worst presidents we have ever had.

  3. I think THIS should be the new citizenship test. :D

    Happy Fourth everyone!

  4. That sounds like a very interesting survey. I’m not American, so I can’t really answer it. Happy 4th of July!

  5. I’m going to try and do this… sometime this year.

  6. Thats a very long survey ;]