Case # 001
Subject: Jennifer
Site: Kiss-my-kitty

Anyone who visits Jenn�s site realizes right away that her fan base is a bunch of sixth graders. Which is okay, since that�s the level Jenn operates at. While I�ve never been fond of her, I never really paid much attention to her either. However, I called her out recently because she had been pissing people off at a board we both frequent. Between breaking rules and inciting drama, I had had enough and told her so.

During all this e-drama, she had made a big show of being against people shilling things like the Free iPod offer and whatnot. Which is fine, so long as you yourself don�t plug referrals. Like this:

Hypocrisy aside, it gets better. First she tries to barter, which I have no problem with.

Then she turns it into a contest:

Then she plugs it with a link �Look! I�m in third place�, which is actually a voting link. Honest much?

Then today the kicker of all kickers. It appears that someone was so desperate to win their mother an iPod that they cheated. Of course, it was accidental.

I can�t wait to see what she has in her bag of tricks for August.

By the way, I�m Heather and I just burned my pizza.

  1. Burning pizza is a crime. A crime against humanity.

  2. Indeed it is, which is why I made sure not to burn the next piece.

  3. You really can’t get enough of me, can you? :)

  4. Yeah, you’re as addicting as a fat Sack-O-Crack and a bucket of chicken.

  5. hahahah that’s so funny! Of course she cheated, I didn’t think she was that cool to get ahead of Kris that fast. What a loser. I hope she never ever ever comes back to the internet. Maybe alyssa will become allergic or something.

  6. This message is for Christie who posted above:

    That was pretty rude. If you want to be the bigger person, petty insults and comments for her daughter to become ill are not the way to going about doing it.

  7. Hmm, maybe I’m naive, but it seems to me like she just wanted people to click the banner? Not such a crime.
    In all fairness, does it matter? She didn’t win the iPod anyways.

  8. UGH…. your such an immature stupid little retard…. what happened to your summercamp school?! you stupid little wanna-be.

    Go get a life…. actually you’re so deluded in your crappy ‘e-world’ you’re probably just answering my nonrhetorical question as “a life?! where do I dowonload one of those from?”…. lol you loser.

  9. ok so she did wrong paid her dues when are you gonna move on with it? Waste your time on something else. personally I think that ya’ll are just mad that ya’ll didn’t think of it first. Grow up oh.. and wishing that someones child would become ill now that far worse that cheating on any contest.

  10. Wow, Kelley took the words right out of my mouth. *applause* Thank you =)

  11. Please, do show me where I wished her kid got sick… I’d *love* to see that. Oh, wait, I never said that.

  12. OMFG. Get a damn life you losers, no one deserves that kind of treatment. What the hell do you do all day? Read her blogs and focus on all the bad points? She has a kid and a life too, which I’m wondering if you guys have anything better to do than follow someone around all day. No one deserves to die and her family doesn’t deserve smack. Get some fricken lives you losers!