A zillion years ago slaves were freed. A couple years later segregation was over and done with and we were finally all created equal- which regardless of my lovely grandmother and mother (entire family) using scathing racial slurs throughout her day –I was determined to be less closed-minded. We are the same. We all bleed red, eat, shit and die. We are all the same.

The town I grew up in was racially split down the middle so there was very little tension. We are all the same. Until I moved to Brentwood where being white was like an insult to someone’s mother. Jesus…. I never knew I should be ashamed. But I brushed it off really because I am who I am and I can’t change my genetic makeup….

But what fueled this “reverse discrimination”? Look deeper. The media portrays white people as having everything, speaking properly, living this charmed life where the worst thing is a split end and alcoholism. The media portrays Hispanic and black people as either gang members or drug dealers and Asians as Kung Fu fighters. Italians are mobsters and the list goes on…

This isn’t what’s bugging me. There’s a T-Mobile commercial that has little white blond waitress going up to Charles Barkley and Duane Wade and talking like a ditz “OMG is that you father” to Charles Barkley. Playing on all of the white-girl stereotypes. Then, a Glad commercial where there’s the white family who didn’t use glad bags and their food has gone bad but the Black and Asian family used Glad bags and their happy. Why did the white family have to have bad food in both commercials? Why is it a race issue over kitchen bags? Why play on the idiocy of white blonde people?

Sean Bell. Beautiful black man shot by the cops on the night before his wedding, father of two. Automatically you think the cops were all white- but one of them was Black and another was Hispanic. And it was a tragedy- but there’s eyewitness news calling it racially motivated- pulling on the race card harder than Rev. Al Sharpton.

The only way I can see this ending is if we all turn purple and I’m wondering if the idea of race will completely vanish with the next generation. I could says its progress from my grandmother saying ______ to my mom just wanting to be separate and me not seeing color – maybe – by the time my kids are aware of their surrounding race won’t even exist and your skin won’t mean you don’t know how to use zipper bags or be a target of the cops.

  1. I find it humorous that the people most offended by stereotypes are the ones fitting the stereotypes most. People, if they want to succeed, will ignore the stereotypes and work hard to overcome – and won’t need racial dividers like Rev. Sharpton to do it.

    Look at the way the Woman movement worked. They fought to end suffrage, they fought to bring equality in the workplace, and they fought to end sexism. They set levels and worked for them. They didn’t default on the fact they only recently were given the right to vote and at one time had no legal worth, they focused on the future.

    Rev. Sharpton continues to bring up slavery, how black people are being held back, and how White America continues to hold “them” down. Instead of focusing on the future and on equality, he highlights the negativity of the past and on division.

    For example, how he handled the Don Imus/Rutgers situation was a debacle. He could have worked with Imus and promote positivity. Instead, Rev. Sharpton made him out to be a pariah, sending him out to the feeding sharks that devoured Imus and forced the hands of both MSNBC and CBS Radio by using fear to cause them to fire Imus.