Okay, so here’s the problem. I spent the last hour or so “surfing the web” – and I feel somehow more bored then I did before I started surfing and somehow neglected because nothing happened on Myspace or Facebook. Eh?

A long lost fav person of mine did reach out and say hello. That makes me happy.

And now bored again. I leave you with this:

  1. Oh my word that commercial is HILARIOUS!!!!

    As for the internet, I know exactly what you mean. My boredom with it has reached new heights. I actually get depressed from stuff that happens on Facebook.

  2. Ha ha :)
    Specky tea-drinking koala bear, lmao.

    Im havin my 1st contest ever, check it out :D

  3. It sucks when you get online and realise after a few minutes that there is bugger all to do.