The Hook Up

She picked up the phone and quickly put it back down on the charger. What was she thinking? This guy didn’t love her; all Doug cared about was how good she was in bed. After nearly five months of constant encounters with him, he still insisted that they not put a label on their relationship, if you could even call it that. They were merely former co-workers, who shared a few common interests, and liked to hang out together on the weekends.

She rolled her eyes and picked up the phone again. The worst he could say would be “No,” and in the time since they had started hooking up he had only told her no once when he was sick. This time was no exception, and it didn’t take much to convince him that they should hook up again for the night. He was just leaving his office, late as usual, and eagerly agreed to come get her for a quick night of fun.

She had just enough time to take a shower, dry her hair, and change into his favorite shirt, the low-cut black top she wore on their first date. They had eaten an early dinner that night at a place near work and somehow only managed to run into one person they knew – who seemed oblivious that it was a date rather than a business meeting. They had laughed about it later that evening while they were curled up together on the couch drinking and watching stupid movies that his friends had suggested.

She thought he had been interested back then, and he had been – just not the way she had hoped. She had slept over that night, but nothing sexual had occurred. Their relationship had quickly escalated to include weekly rendezvous at each other’s residence and occasionally the other person slept over… except on Saturday night, because he had church the next morning.

She laughed at the thought of him sitting in church after a sinful weekend with her. She thought of joining him once, but decided against the idea of changing who she was for him. Church had not been in her schedule for years.

She took another quick look in the mirror – which desperately needed cleaning – carefully adjusted her top to make sure her cleavage was tastefully showing, and dashed out the door for another adventure with him.

  1. Hmm… I don’t get it. It sounds like she wants to really be with this guy, but if she knows they aren’t going to be anything then why does she keep calling him? Is it about the sex, or does she think she can change his mind about her?

  2. Why does this girl waste her time with a lowlife like this? It seems to me that this girl could have so much more and yet she degrades herself to this. Is she stupid or just horny…
    … this story reminds me of my mom.