The Chronicles of Narnia
We went to see The Chronicles of Narnia earlier this week. I thought it was a good movie, but something is really bothering me about this latest craze. A church threw a Narnia themed party at my job (I work at a bookstore) and all the kids are buying the books.

I’ve been working at this bookstore for 4 years and during that time we have had two Harry Potter book release parties. We had a group of Christians rallying at the door, wanting the books banned.

Harry PotterWhat exactly is the difference between The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter? Both include a world made up by the author, magical creatures, dark witches and wizards, good overcoming evil, etc. But the Christians mentioned previously deem Harry Potter as witchcraft and unsuitable for children.

Why is Narnia accepted? Apparently it is because C. S. Lewis also wrote Christian theology books. Maybe J. K. Rowling can get the religious groups off her back if she wrote a book about Jesus.


  1. Wow. I’ve not yet gotten to read The Chronicles of Narnia (nor have I seen the movie) but I do want to. It’s insane that Christian groups would see it as okay and not Harry Potter when the content was so similar – other books written by an author shouldn’t matter. That’s just crazy! I’m sure there’s some group out there that’s going to say that The Chronicles of Narnia are the devil and needs to be avoided too though. *sighs*

  2. thats so funny because i was thinking the same thing! i can remember reading narnia as a kid and it never crossed my mind that it had christian undertones. i dont understand whats so bad about kids reading harry potter anyways; you know its better than what they’re watching on tv or seeing on the internet.

  3. i think the reason The Chronicles of Narnia Book’s are accepted more by christians because the whole book is symbolism of the Bible and was made that way purposly by C.S. Lewis. He purposly made Alsan to be ‘Jesus’, thats why in the book he gives his life to save, and then comes back to life. The last book (The Last Battle) is especially that way, with the end of narinia and judgement day.
    J.K.Rowling didnt intend harry potter to be related to the bible. but i definatly agree with you. even though The Chronicles were supposed to send a religious message doesnt mean christians should love it and hate harry potter. harry potters ultimate message is that good overcomes evil, which sounds like it could be a christian message to me

  4. Several people have metioned that Narnia is a Jesus vs the devil theme, however that is not the point. I find it hypocritical that these certain Christians say that HP is witchcraft because of the magical nature of the story. Narnia was the same type of fantasy creatures. The witch has magical powers. What they are saying is wrong in HP is okay for Narnia. That is what gets me.

    Cinderella involves magic, as does most of the classic Disney movies, but they are also okay with these Christians who believe HP is blasphemous. I bet they’d be surprised to learn that Walt Disney was a Mason.

  5. When Harry Potter first came out I was working my parents Coffee Shop that had a bookstore in the back, and misc. gifts. We had all the Harry Potters, I think there were two at the time, and they were really hot. It was right when the first movie was out.
    This guy that had gone to high school with me, who had some type of debilitating disease, came in one day and screamed at us. He said You Are Going To Hell If You Sell Those Books! We had them at the front counter. I’m not sure if his sole mission was to scream at us or if he wanted a latte and saw the book and got sidetracked, and started yelling.
    Everyone else tolerated him in the area. We tried a nice Oh ok, thank you, but he persisted trying to “make” us take the books down. So we finally had to scream at him and tell him that we would call the cops and to not come back if he was going to make a scene.
    And a fun time was had by all:)

  6. Yeah I heard that the Lion is supposed to be a “Jesus” icon.

    That sux!

    Harry rocks! :)

  7. I’ve never read the book, but I remember the BBC serie that was on tv ages ago. I’m pretty sure I’ll see the movie some time during Christmas, even though it’s not exactly my favorite type of movie.

  8. I’ve been reading the books (through the first five of seven), and there definately Christian meaning behind much of it. Being an athiest you notice these things. Doesn’t bother me, and it doesn’t detract from the stories, but you do notice them. Bu then, I can’t understand wanting to ban much of anything.

  9. There is nothing wrong with these movies or books. Even though I don’t like any of this witchcrafty stuff, I agree 100% with you. People need to back off. If they accept Narnia, then they should accept HP.

  10. I love Harry Potter. I’d be all for my kid reading those books, if she could read, and then wanting to watch the movie. It’s better than your kid wanting to read porn. Which apparently isn’t a sin after all!

  11. I will never understand the Christians against Harry Potter, there’s a difference to reading about a fantasy world and acting it out or believing it in real life…

    I believe most children are reading about the fantasy, not learning that witchcraft is real.

  12. I think that the main difference is the Christian symbology found in C.S Lewis’s Chronicle of Narnia. I’ve had Bible studies based on this book. Can you have a bible study based on Harry Potter?

  13. Yes, yes Christian symbology.. we know. But the fact is, they are debasing HP for being witchcraft, when Narnia contains the same type material. That is the issue.

  14. I think it is funny how times change. Years ago, people greiveed over Christmas being so commercialized and I’ll bet there were people who considered The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe blapshemous. (I mean, come on – “dark magic”, mythological creatures, and all that jazz!)

    Nowadays, stores saying “Happy Holdays!” is anti-Christian, when before stores exploiting Christmas for $$$ was anti-Christian. Likewise, now The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe is excecllent to Christians because they are willing to settle for something remotely Christian. The religious right is fighting a battle, and will take what they can get.

    I would like to point that I read the book in elementary school and again on my own time because I enjoyed it. The Christian analogy was never brought up, and I never caught it, not having been raised Christian. If you aren’t looking for it, I do think it is pretty thinly veiled.

    That being said, I want a bumper sticker that says “Aslan died for your sins.”