So, here’s my problem. I have this ex, Jeff – who says he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. That’s fine… except, I keep calling him, and giving out his number thinking it’s mine. But it’s not my fault, really….

So Jeff and I are on a family plan. Because we are on a family plan, our phone numbers look alike.

His is 571.33X.X18X.

Mine is 571.33X.X18X.

So really, they are pretty much the same. Anyways, I have this awful problem, when I’m giving my cell phone for people at work to call, I accidently spew out his number. I mean, I know it better than I know my own, because how often do I call myself?

So, today, I’m sitting at work, I left my cell phone in my car so instead of going out in the 105 degree weather to get it – I call it to check my voicemail.

Only, I don’t get my voicemail.

I get Jeff.

And instead of acting like a normal person and saying, “Oh shit, I dialed the wrong number by mistake!” I freak out and hang up.

Then I feel bad about it and compound the situation by sending him an IM explaining what a dumb ass his exgirlfriend is.

I can honestly see now why he broke up with me. ;-)

  1. Yep – retarded.