So there I was, in the kitchen when I realized… Bachelor cooking doesn’t have to be lame, tasteless, or even just for bachelors.

As such, here are is one of my favorite recipes:

Bachelor Spaghetti and Meat Balls
1 Package Beef Ramen
1 Tblspoon Butter
1/3 Cup Tomato Sauce
Several frozen meatballs.

Microwave the meatballs while you make the ramen. Then, add the meatballs and butter to the ramen, then finally the tomato sauce. Enjoy!

There’s a lot you can do with Ramen. From variations on spaghetti to stir fry, to egg drop soup, you get the idea.

From my days in college when my love of cooking with the budget noodle packs was driven by narcotics, to today when my love of the less expensive is fueled by my lack of disposable income. With the current state of the economy where the never ending tension in the middle east is really seeming to come to a head, to the possible further increase of credit rates, to oil prices shooting (BP just closed an entire field because of a leak), our economy will soon be absolutely stagnant. Most of you are probably in the same boat that I am in, where we can’t join the rest of the economy in using credit as most do during times of lessened disposable income, cheap food is a must!

Although when I began the Ramen Gourmet movement, the packs were about a nickel a piece, and they now cost about 15 cents, they are still a great source of nutrition. My days in college found Tony Chachere’s seasoning to be the best, and now I have found soy sauce and liquid smoke are a great addition to the noodles.

What do you guys add to your Ramen?

  1. I haven’t had Ramen noodles in years. And I thank God that timeframe continues to grow and grow…

  2. I made the mistake of eating Ramen noodles not long after I found out I was pregnant. Now I can’t walk down the Ramen isle at the grocery store without dry heaving… heh

  3. Dude Ramen spaghetti sounds just bad. I think it more economical to just get a package of spag. for about .99cents if you aren’t picky about quality and then get a jar of Ragu for .99 on sale and of course your meatballs and you could freeze it and have several meals.

    I found a neat recipe for Ramen Chicken Noodle soup that I’m going to try. It looks good and I’m easy to please.

  4. I don’t eat Ramen. I won’t until my college days, when I most need it xP Ack, don’t even mention gas prices. Looks like I’ll be out of the car for a long time.

  5. Tony Chachere’s is great in ramen! I thought I was the only one who did that! Then again, I add Tony Chachere’s in everything…

    I make a damned good “Chineese Cole Slaw” with ramen noodles.

  6. I like my ramen like I like my double penetration porn. Raw.

  7. what the hell is Tony Chachere’s ?????

  8. http://www.tonychachere.com/