The Ballad of El Goodo

I haven’t been able to update much in recent months. First, there was the marriage. Then, the trip to Scotland. Then, the trip to Canada.

Now, I am obsessed with my iPod.

More than obsessed, I am making it my goal to track down every single song I ever liked and make sure it is on my iPod. I’m closing in on 4,000 songs (which I realize is nothing to some of you) and I feel like there’s always just one more song that I need to find.

There are, however, some songs that just seem to be unobtainable.

“Chiefs of Relief” by the Chiefs of Relief

“I Want To Kill Everybody” by Ed Haynes

“It’s All Changed” by the Royal Court of China

…and about 200 others. I can’t find them anywhere legally or illegally. Maybe I just don’t know where to look or maybe they just made so little impact in their times that they have no business online. I should probably just forget them, but I can’t.

“State of the Nation” by Industry

“Not Being in Warsaw” by Colin Newman

“I Am the Walrus” by Joe Pop-o-Pie

I find myself searching on Google, on Yahoo, on iTunes, on Limewire… or anything that will let me search. I curse when I can’t find a listing on a band I like on the All Music Guide. I pull my hair out trying to find references to obscure bands with names that are just a little too common.

“Green Animals” by Plan 9

“Cash” by the Blow Monkeys

“Jumbo Arc” by Nick Lowe

“Stupid Kids” by Christmas

“Ba Ba Boom” by the Bambi Slam

Basically, I need a way to download songs directly from my brain onto my iPod.

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaah. i feel for you! when i first got mine, i was just as obsessed as you are. but not anymore. hehehe

  2. Every once in a while I find that there’s a music track I can’t find. Usually it’s because I’m too lazy to look.

  3. I found the Industry song in the Pool, and I have it.

    The key to searching is to put in the artist and the song together. Like:

    Jumbo Art Nick Lowe

    Then again, I have a pro account. I found a lot of rare songs (before I knew about Limewire) on allofmp3.com. Yes, you have to pay, but $10 gets you about 20-40 songs depending on the size of the file you buy. That site is down right now, though. =(

  4. Something that downloads songs from your brain onto your iPod sounds kind of creepy. I use Limewire, but sometimes it doesn’t have the songs I want either. Maybe you’ll just have to track the albums down on amazon.com? That’s really all I can think of. Sorry…