Taking bets

I read John’s entry the other day about trying to cut down on his soda intake. Naturally, I saw this as a challenge. So I messaged him on AIM and asked if he would be interested in turning this into a battle of will power.

John and I left it up to the chatroom during the Radio X show to decide what exactly we were giving up – sodas or caffeine. The chatroom unanimously decided to torture John and I and banish us to No Soda Land.

I’ve given up caffeine for a couple months before, so just giving up just sodas isn’t going to be as hard. Especially because sweet tea is NOT a soda. HAHAHA!

My bet? I’ll win.

  1. I have $20 on the Duck.

  2. I’m with Elyse. $20 on the Duck

  3. I just want to note that John tried to convince me that we should both have a soda together today. Someone is having issues giving it up already!

    Meanwhile, I’m content with my tea and water – HA!

  4. Well, considering John’s whinging about it yesterday, my kachings are on Chewwie :)

  5. My bet is on the duck as well. I’m surprised you are taking J on in a bet after the halloween incident.

  6. Good luck! I hope you win the bet! :D