Would I have dressed like a new wave pop star of the 1980’s if I’d had the opportunity?

This is a question that plagues me night and day.

I dressed pretty normal in high school during the early 1980s. Normal being defined as “3/4 sleeve shirt with a plaid button up shirt over it and jeans.”

“Also a mullet.”

“I didn’t know it was called a mullet back then – none of us did.”

“Shut up.”

In my town, we didn’t see anyone dressed in Adam Ant like clothes, or like members from Duran Duran, or like Boy George. Our state’s transvestite had much better taste.

That said, the girls were crazy for the men in the video with their eye liner and puffy collared shirts.

I sometimes thought that all that was separating me from sex was eye make-up.

Once, I went to an arcade wearing a single glove with the fingertips cut off. I was carded. At the arcade. Seriously. They ruled I could not go in.

That was sort of the end of my efforts to make any sort of fashion statements.

Still, I look back at those days and wonder why I didn’t at least try to dress like Ducky from Pretty in Pink.

I had the physique.

  1. HA.

    I love the part about the mullet.

    I’ve never seen Pretty in Pink, but I heard it’s a classic.