Last week, I wrote about some of the things that have happened because I got involved in improv. The next day, something else happened.

I’ve written about this extensively elsewhere, so I’ll give you the short version. Basically, some Hollywood types from a major studio are flying me and my group to L.A. for an industry showcase. This is like a big audition for agents, producers, executives and other industry bigwigs.

Now, the odds of this ever happening to me are so astronomically low that it is a miracle this happened. Should anything actually come of this beyond a free trip to L.A., it is a clear sign that truly anyone can break into the TV/film business. I have no business, as it were, in the business.

But I can’t turn down the chance either. I mean, how often does stuff like this come up? As I just mentioned, never.

I’ve realized a few things though. Things that make me sad.

First, this is probably the closest I’ll ever come to living my dream of having sex with Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears. What I mean is, they’ll probably offer both of them to me and, since I’m married, and since they are both really very icky now, I will have to say no. By the time they get their acts together and look hot again, my 15 seconds will be up.

Second, I have a better chance of gaining fame using YouTube. I do this terrific erotic dance with a light sabre. I don’t have a decent camera, though, so the world will never witness my unique talents.

Third, there are only so many weeks of updates I can milk out of this thing before I have to start coming up with more interesting things to write about.

  1. Please, all you have to do to sleep with Britney is carry a camera. You have a better chance at sleeping with her than you do getting to the head of the line at motor vehicles or actually getting your Domino’s pizza in less than 30 minutes.