Some Issues

I have some issues with the Interweb.


I don’t understand the need to piss in either people’s gardens.

By this I mean I don’t understand the need to go someplace online where a bunch of people like something and say “this thing you like? It sucks.”

In my opinion, this ends up making the person who makes the “it sucks” statement come across as a total dick. Since I believe people in general do things in life that are in their own best interest, this makes no sense to me. Why would it be in somebody’s self-interest for people to think they are a dick?


I don’t understand the need that homogenous groups of people on the Interweb have to leap all over somebody who is obviously a total dick.

If somebody is being a dick on the Interweb, where the worst harm they can do to you is to write things that make them come across as a total dick, what good does it do a group of people to all leap on them for being a dick? It is so much easier to just ignore them.

Instead, a group of folks who are fans of, say for example Anime, can be completely distracted from talking about Anime in their rush to point out that this person is a dick. In the process, the discussion ceases to be about Anime all together.

And then they do this with every dick that comes around, ultimately losing any ability to have a conversation about the thing they wanted to talk about in the first place.


Mimes. I fucking hate them.


I don’t get the need that many people have to write about how many people are dicks on the Interweb and how oftentimes large groups of people all allow themselves to be distracted by these dicks.

It seems to me that discussing the problem does no good, as very few people actually read what you write, or when they do read what you write they don’t understand it.

Why waste your time writing something that nobody is going to read and, if they do read it, isn’t going to change anyone’s behavior anyways?

I mean, seriously?

  1. *golf clap*

    You’d think women would have ignoring dick down to an exact science by now…