One of my former coworkers was the most entertaining guys I have ever known. He PCSed (military talk for “changed bases”) a while back but I will always remember him for two very interesting Smythisms.

These are things that make no sense to any except Smyth.

The first ever Smythism I heard was about him making a 3-point turn in a traffic circle. Yes, he made a three point turn in a traffic circle. Any normal person would have gone around again in the event of missing their exit. Not Smyth.

Now this same guy who found it more convenient to turn around and go backwards through the traffic circle has also had some other crazy ideas when it came down to driving.

We were out drinking one night. A good friend of ours was our designated driver, and used Smyth’s car to get us home. The next day our friend informs Smyth that he should get an alignment done on his car because it pulls to the right.

I kid you not, this was Smyth’s reply: “It’s supposed to do that so if you fall asleep you won’t drive into oncoming traffic.” He seriously thought cars were supposed to pull to the right. We had to laugh.

This morning on my way to work I saw something that reminded me of Smyth. There was a mini van that had slowed down and turned on its blinker to indicate that she was turning left into a nearby driveway.

Now, please correct me if I’m wrong, but if you were behind this vehicle, wouldn’t you wait for it to turn before you kept driving straight? The woman behind the mini van must have been in a huge hurry.

Instead of waiting for the van to complete its turn, this woman drove her car onto the sidewalk to go around the van. And I thought to myself: “I didn’t know sidewalks could be used as passing lanes.”

There’s a Smythism for you.

  1. I love it when people say things that make no sense to anyone but themselves.

  2. John on May 4, 2006 at 10:01 am said:

    I love it when people say things that make no sense to anyone but themselves.

    I detect a sympathy comment.

  3. dude, i am pretty sure that even brand new cars are aligned to pull slightly to the right…….for the same reason that your friend explained to you. It’s for safety. better to ditch it than head into oncoming traffic and involve other cars.