Bubba decides to send his girlfriend a dozen long-stemmed red roses, along with a sappy little note professing his love to her. Bubba’s girlfriend is thrilled to receive flowers that don’t have the root and dirt hanging from the bottom.

The company he orders the flowers from send him a little thank you note that includes his receipt.

There is just one little problem with this whole thing.

Bubba’s wife, Mary Jane.

Mary Jane opens the thank you note that came in the mail, whether by mistake or on purpose, and discovers the receipt for the flowers and a copy of the sappy little love note sent to Bubba’s girlfriend.

Obviously after learning of the affair, Mary Jane wants a divorce, along with $300,000 settlement and child support.

Bubba wants the flower company to pay him $1,000,000 for revealing his affair, claiming that the company’s privacy policy was violated when the receipt was sent to him and his wife opened it.

So, what do you think – Should the company have to pay for his stupidity?

  1. Well, except for the fact that Bubba and Mary Jane were already in the MIDDLE of a divorce…

  2. Its not their fault Bubba’s wife opened his mail. And besides – he obviously didn’t love his wife anyways if he was cheating on her.

  3. Is your attorney looking for more legal advice?

    Kidding, kidding, of course…

  4. meh everyone should make up and have mass orgies. Just kidding.
    I think that the flower company is not at fault and the wife should stop being a greedy bitch.