Small socks

A man in Vero Beach, Florida, was trying on shoes at a mall when he noticed that something was between his toes and the front of the shoe.

I hate when that happens. That stupid tissue paper that they cram way down into the toe of the shoe is a royal pain. Just when you think you have it all out, you realize that there’s still a wad of it crammed into the very tip of the shoe. And I really hate when you’re trying very carefully to pull it out and little pieces rip off.

Lucky for this man, he didn’t have to go through the torture of pulling the tissue out of the shoe. Instead, his Reebok shoes contained more than $5,000 in cash.

No cash was founding missing from the store’s safe.

The money was handed over to authorities. They are assuming someone purchased the shoes, somehow left thousands of dollars in them, and returned them to the store.

Clearly I need to go shoe shopping more.

  1. He. Returned. Them?!?

  2. [quote comment=”20312″]He. Returned. Them?!?[/quote]
    My thoughts exactly.

  3. [quote comment=”20313″][quote comment=”20312″]He. Returned. Them?!?[/quote]
    My thoughts exactly.[/quote]