Does anyone know what September 1st is?

Other than the start of cold season, the start of the season when oysters are fit to eat, and Emma M. Nutt Day (first woman telephone operator in America)….

It’s when the Fighting Irish play their first game of the 2007 football season! Twelve weeks of wonderfully amazing football can’t come soon enough.

Seven of the twelve games are home games: Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Boston College, USC, Navy, Air Force, and Duke. I’m really hoping to be able to snag tickets to one of the home games and convince some of my family to come up and see it with me (and of course pay for the tickets).

And to top off my happiness, they just released the official 2007 shirt!

The only thing I don’t like about it is the icky shade of green. But I’ll be buying mine with my next paycheck anyways.

The things I wear for my Irish…

  1. September 1st? That’s long far away, yo. I’m still trying to get through April 21!

  2. Fighting Irish as in Notre Dame? I considered getting into them because everyone around here is uber obsessed with it, but I just don’t get it.