See How They Run

Thanks to Christoph of Random Salad, I’ve recently gotten to launch my own website. In the process of doing this, I’ve gone over all the posts I’ve made on the Internet since I started writing in 2001. It has been something of an eye opening experience, let me tell you.

Some things I’ve discovered…

Every time I have an interesting idea of something to do, odds are I’ve already done it. The reason for this is that I barely remember anything that I write more than about a month after I’ve written it.

I discovered this as I was reading my old entries trying to transfer them over to the old site. I discovered that there were a number of sites that I had had regular, long term writing relationships with that I could barely remember writing at at all. For example, I know that I wrote for Jennaspringer.com for a time, but didn’t realize that I’d written some of my best stuff there. Who knew?

I don’t finish most of my long term story projects. In fact, my first project for TDE was a serial that didn’t make it past about seven episodes.

Of course, even if I did finish all my projects, it wouldn’t much matter since many of them have been permanently eaten by the Interweb. For example, nearly all of my work for Bowling for Jesus, Unlovely.net and Validate This/Vutant is pretty much gone forever and for good. Mostly for good. The good of humanity.

On the other hand, the stuff that I generally put the least thought into writing – specifically the stuff at Blogger, Blurty and LiveJournal – is pretty much indestructible. I recovered almost all of it like nothing. Because most of it is very much like nothing, and almost nothing like everything, which means that I was more of an e/N writer than an E/N writer.

John tells me I’ve written over 150 entries for TDE – mostly in 2004, but still.

I think the biggest change that I see in my writing from the early days and my writing now is that I don’t take it nearly as seriously now as I did then. Back then, when somebody didn’t like something I wrote, I took the time to send them an email and try to figure out how I could do better next time. Now, if somebody doesn’t like something I wrote, I just write about that person used a semi-veiled pseudonym in my next update.

Anyhow, next week, I plan on publish a new Wednesday 100. Brace yourself. What subject should I focus on?

  1. Oh Oh I’ve been waiting for this!

  2. It’s always interesting reading old writings. Though my old writings tend to be awful. My old poetry doesn’t even have a place on my website because it sucks. My oldest journal entries are gone forever because they were too patethic and emo to be viewable to the online world.