In 2006, SAM was born. Outside of power outages, my XP desktop chugged its way day and night. In 2011, 7 came into my life, but a year later struggled until it no longer could. SAM continued through, with it’s outdated OS, chugging along. With all my pictures and all my programs, SAM was my powerhouse, my backup, my Fort Knox. SAM was the spine that kept K-IRB afloat, the ‘net station I managed.

In 2013, I broke down and bought my first laptop. I hesitated, used SAM for most of everything, but finally moved all the important data, all the programs I need, over.

Today, after a hard night of rough fan issues and apparently a system upgrade, SAM is no longer with us. I’m not sure if I’m going to fix or replace SAM.

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