/rolls eyes

You would think that the further away one gets from high school the less drama one would have to endure, right? I mean life isn’t really like those snooty shows on tv… or is it?

I mean sure things on soap operas and other tv dramas are exaggerated and such for entertainment purposes but – and this is a big but – a lot of the inspiration for these shows comes from real life.

Sure, one man can’t die and miraculously come back to life a gazillion times to make a whole town suffer through his evil plots time and time again – normally while outsmarting the police and staying out of jail. The love triangles, general fucked up lives, and things of that nature though are very real indeed.

There’s always a handful of people who can’t just leave other people alone, let other people get on with their lives, and/or let other people be happy. No, there’s always got to be one or two people – at the least – who want to jump in and stir shit up and try to cause trouble.

So my question is this: WHY? What is so great or so amusing about causing problems for someone else, or hurting their feelings, or trying to tear apart relationships? What is the freaking point? When will people just grow the fuck up and leave each other alone?

Please, someone, tell me where the enjoyment in messing with people really is, because I missed it somewhere.

  1. Its control issues. They want to be able to control someone else trough misery and high school tatics. Does it work? no. but its a shot ya know? I loves you.

  2. Chenoa is adorable. (Chenoa—if you’re reading this, you’re adorable.)