From the Game to the Rock, from the Pain to the Big Show.  WWE #RAW1000 was an amazing show from bell to bell.

Or was it?

The opening segment with (almost) every single member of the original D-Generation X crew in the ring was entertaining, and it helped bring a little heat and conflict with Damien Sandow’s intervention.  But only having the Super Kick into the Pedigree while three other wrestlers could have each hit their finisher was a way of saying to the fans “This is who matters in this business, and this is who doesn’t.”

Bringing Bret Hart to be a special guest ring announcer in a segment that lasted as long as Brodius Clay’s match against Jack Swagger was an insult to the former WWE champion.  It was a better appearance than Mick Foley’s “Dude Love”, though.

Remember all that hype about having guys on the show that may have burned their bridges in the past with the McMahons?  How awesome would it have been to see J-E-Double-F, J-A-Double-R-E-Double-T Double J Jeff Jarrett come down and smash Heath Slater with a guitar?  Where was the Ultimate Warrior?

I told a friend at work who had yet to see the show, but DVR’d it, that when he gets to the announcement of who the new RAW General Manager is, he’s going to be like, “Yeah!”, and then go right into, “What the fuck?”  It’s good to see that WWE remembered AJ’s (fake) last name.

Being a ring announcer, seeing Howard (Yes, he has a first name) Finkel was great to hear.  I liked seeing Miz win the Intercontinental championship.  But nothing made me smile more than when Jerry Lawler compared John Cena to Superman, that he somehow finds a way to overcome anything.

Which lead me to a tweet I had posted moments before the match even started.

Yes.  YES.  YES!! YES!! YES!!

And the big right hand knocking out John Cena that should have ended the WWE championship match but didn’t, it ended up that a disqualification ruined the dreams of the now-bachelor Cenation leader.  But the Rock making the save, only to get a receipt from a running CM Punk lariat just as the Great One was about to hit the People’s Elbow on Big Show, showed a side to the WWE Champion that will amaze wrestling fans to come.

Quick trivia: Name two matches on this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling.

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