I walked into the lost and found office, expecting absolutely nothing. The man pulled out a plastic container full of cell phones with tags on them stating where they were found and when they were lost.

He pulled each of them out and each time, “Wait- that’s gotta be it! No. Never mind,” over and over until the second to last one.

By now I had very little hope that it would be there. The experience reaffirmed my belief that the human race was running backwards. My phone was nicer than all of those – of course no one turned it in.

And then- there it was. Its silver and black beauty shining on me. He asked me for my charger and I gladly handed it over. He plugged it in and there was my little Sam.

“-:|:- i love nug -:|:-“ flashed across the screen and this great elation swept over me.

People are good. They didn’t care that a penis was my wallpaper. They didn’t care that all they needed to do was slip their sim card in and have a newish phone. They just did the right thing. All my numbers, all my pictures and text messages all intact.

Thanks to the person who returned my Sam. Because of you I am now whole again.

  1. awesome that someone turned in your phone!!!!
    last week I lost my wallet, then it turned up a few hours later……..minus 300 bucks, but my palm pilot was still there!!!!

  2. Wow, what a relief!! Fortunately, I’ve never lost anything that valuable, but my husband once left his debit card in the slot at the ATM. Luckily, someone took it inside to the bank teller. Some people really ARE good at heart, it seems. :)

  3. That’s awesome! You’re trained to think that stuff of value that goes missing is hard to find again but that never seems to be true in my case and it definitely wasn’t with yours! :D

    and thanks for showing love to my site. I appreciate it.

  4. There’s nothing like losing a penis you love so much. Wait, that came out wrong…

    [quote comment=”18561″]and thanks for showing love to my site. I appreciate it.[/quote]
    Yeah, TDE is all about the love.

  5. Congrats on getting your penis back .. ground back :) and your cell phone.

  6. Yay for getting your cellphone back!

    Now if only mine would get returned.