Okay, I work in retail. I work on commission…. I took over this store in June, saved it from closing and despite last ditch efforts- I don’t think it’s gonna stay open that much longer. Last December was the bleakest December I have ever ever seen.

I had to like throw things at myself to keep me awake. I sat here the other day and counted 11 people coming in and out of my store, and that’s including the mail carrier and people asking for directions. Sad.

The worst part is that this is all so cyclical. Like, if no one spends $ with me, I don’t spend $ anywhere else, those places in turn don’t have my $ to spend and so on.

I personally blame the media for fanning the fire. I think we are all naturally optimistic and probably would have opened our wallets fearlessly, but when the news tells you we’re all fucked till 3rd quarter 09- we just lay down. Like porn-sheep.

The average dumpy American only cares about where the nearest McDonald’s and Wal-Mart are- they had no idea what a mortgage crisis truly meant for them. But because it was everywhere and sand blasted onto every form of media, people stopped spending. They let the credit crunch stop them from using their cash, thus slowing our economy.

We can also blame now-former President Bush for encouraging banks to make bad mortgages and the Federal Reserve for inflation. It doesn’t matter we’re all stuck in this together.

I’m bantering.

I’m getting a bagel.

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t want to work on commission. I really hope the stimulus package goes through and people will want to go buy things.

    Hopefully, you’re store will stay open through the worst of it.

  2. Just be thankful you have a job. I’m relying on the meager income I get from unemployment insurance and the hundreds of resumes I send out per week.

  3. Only eleven people? Wow, that’s slow! I also have slow days at the store I work in but I’ve never had a day quite that slow.