You need to us your daughter is sick? She’s been on TV since she was, like, what seven? She SHOULD have the child star syndrome thing.

But then- it didn’t stop with the awkward teen years, she went and pulled off a really successful music career. And then was completely chased by the paparazzi for EVERYTHING she did.


And now, after trying her luck at playing house- she’s gone mad. Now, as much as I hate Rosie O’Donnell for ruining The View, she made a good point saying that Britney could have post partum or one of those post natal disorders.

Look at her. She NEEDS to spend time in the gym, she’s divorced with two kids and she’s like, what, 25???

I just don’t understand why everyone is so surprised. Look at Michael Jackson. Look at that annoying Melissa Gilbert. It just took Britney longer and it was kind of like a slow melt down. And all sat behind the pages of US Weekly and watched as she married her childhood friend, then walked barefoot into a public restroom than married a homeless looking bum.

But, at least the homeless looking bum is taking care of his kids enough.

I have no point; I just don’t think it’s a big deal. She was gonna have melt down eventually. Obviously.

She’ll be back and better than ever. Her years of shame with have inspired more fans than she had to begin with. Either that or she will hide in the mountains until she dies.

Either way, she needs to live her life away from the camera in a way that is non destructive and happy.

  1. Will she be back? Unfortunately. Will she be better than ever? It’s not difficult to be better than mediocre, but it seems more like she’s interested in partying and living the life she didn’t have when she first became a star than she is in making records and keeping the money rolling in.

    Besides, she could quit right now and never have to work again and STILL have the money to provide for both her children’s lives if she invested HALF of what she’s worth and blew the rest. But she wants it all.

    That’s so not going to happen, though. Even though her fans have deserted her, her family has deserted her, and her friends have deserted her, she still has that itching for the camera.

  2. Ok so Britney looked pregnant again from the photos I saw of her. I mean is it normal to have a baby that is months old and look like you are about one month less than his age pregnant already?

    I have to commend her redneck antics in shaving her head beause Kfed said he’d have her hair follies tested for drugs to get custody. Umm, I don’t know that the tactic works, but you get a B for effort. The tattoo part was just overkill.

  3. here’s another one to add to you list.

    80’s teen sensation Tiffany. she got involved in all sorts of drugs and then wound up on the pages on playboy to kick start her career which failed.

    I disagree I think Britanny’s career is over. what real parent would let their daughters listen to such a fuck up? If i had a daughter she’d be banned from listening to her.

  4. The head shaving/drug test thing doesn’t make sense. For that to work she’d have to actually WAX her head to get rid of the follicles.

    And we all know she has a good waxer… heh

    *drum riff*

  5. ^ She’d have to wax every part of her body to get rid of every hair follicle.

    It’s sad when these stars get the ‘child star syndrome’.