WWE Champion CM Punk meets Money in the Bank winner John Cena tonight.

Who cares?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fitting that the company’s top prize gets a title defense on a landmark show, but there are so many other things going on tonight that it’s hard to imagine that this match will be overlooked with the slew of WWE Legends and Superstars that will surely come down the ramp.

And what about the wedding?  Daniel Bryan and AJ tie the wrestling knot tonight.  But what does Kane have to say about that?  Or, if you haven’t noticed from the AJ/Bryan v. Eve/Miz matchup last week, what does Miz have to say?

Oh, don’t forget that tonight WWE plans on announcing a new RAW General Manager.

Tonight’s RAW is the first 3-hour (regularly scheduled) show. Skeptics are saying this won’t last.  They also said years ago that RAW could never survive as a 2-hour show, either.  Wrestling fans that buy tickets to see shows are there for a 7-o’clock start – for the most part – and are usually treated to a post-RAW dark match show anyway.  I’ve had friends that have gone to RAW shows ask me when the show went off the air Tuesday morning, and ‘net rag sheets usually share the post-show matches.

John Cena will cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase tonight.  The Big Show will somehow cause Cena to lose.  Stone Cold will stun Heath Slater.  And the Undertaker will say nothing.

But we’ll see a lot of ugly wrestling fans thanks to Tout.

  1. The show as a whole was okay-ish. No Austin or Edge was meh. And the whole cash in… Yeah. So, how about that new GM?!! (Thisisgonnasuck,Ale.)