So here I go again. Head over heels into work. When I first took over my old store I spent like six months dwelling in the leopard wall paper and leather perfumed air. And here I go again.

I wanted this store sooo badly but now I am starting to think twice, now that I am there. Maybe because I’ve heard fifty million times how things when Sergio was there. And how things used to be.

But let’s face the music here – I did get there by riding a broom stick and it may take a really long time but I will make you wish you never gave me trouble. Deal with it.

Other than that… Boyfriend and I are going to his parents for an extended weekend which should be like heaven!!! Ahhh!!! Heaven. We’re going to Canada one of the days – which will also include travelling over a mountain AND my first time swimming in a lake. Even though it looks like an ocean the water won’t be salty so I don’t know really know how I feel about that. I like salt. God! I have to get my dog groomed before we go! He’s turning into a Chia pet…

OOO and I suck at TheDeadEnd-ing lately. I think between the move – and everything that goes in to moving and then work and everything that goes into my hellish existence – I lose sight of things.

I was a watching PBS special with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s big thing for everyone to learn was to acknowledge their internal checklist. Not what everyone else is thinking but that (the person getting this advice) be mindful of the important things. My grandmother; I haven’t seen her in months.

I was bidding on a really sweet pair of blue cult jeans – Kate 121 in indigo wash I think – so I have to go make sure I won now. OMG and I scored the sweetest summer dress and bolero from Mandees- OMG

  1. Your dog is a plant?

  2. [quote post=”1214″]Your dog is a plant?[/quote]
    Maybe he should rob a bank.

  3. some people like swimming in lakes, I for one don’t. there is nowhere for it to “filter” out the bad bacteria. have fun!