Ramble on

iTunes just played “Manic Monday”. That scares me. Even my music knows that today is going to be manic.

I hate eye doctors. Okay, that’s a lie. I like my eye doctor – he always remembers me, asks me how college is going, etc. I hate when the assistants blow the puff of air in your eye to “check the pressure”. Yeah, how about we just skip that part? I hate telling the stupid assistants that “No, my insurance is the same.” then being called back up to the front desk to fill out a change of insurance form. IT’S HASN’T CHANGED, KTHX.

I hate traffic. Again, that’s a lie. I prefer driving in on the interstate with lots of vehicles than in the middle of nowhere with no cars around. I just hate people that can’t drive, especially ones that block the intersections… every intersection. It seems as though the ability to drive sensibly decreases during the holiday season.

I hate when people that have nothing to blog about ramble on about things that no one cares about. At least they don’t ramble on and on about things they say they never blog about: their drug addiction, finances, etc.

My back feels like it’s going to cave in at any minute. That isn’t a lie. I helped load a table and chairs into the car the other day and pulled something in my lower back and in my shoulder. And the idiot that it me decided to lift some other things today. Now I’m going to have to give in and go get my back adjusted before I leave.

  1. omg, i know what you mean about the back. my back is driving me nuts, hopefully we get better.

    merry christmas too :O