So, AOL is coming out with a new version of AIM… AIM Triton. I’ve spent all day discussing the beta with a friend of mine who works at aol….

This conversation took place after I pointed out another flaw I saw in the beta of Triton…

theREAS0Nwhy (5:16:19 PM): ok

theREAS0Nwhy (5:16:26 PM): so there’s an aol radio window

theREAS0Nwhy (5:16:36 PM): BUT

soulscream7 (5:16:39 PM): Steph

soulscream7 (5:16:41 PM): B

soulscream7 (5:16:42 PM): E

soulscream7 (5:16:43 PM): T

soulscream7 (5:16:44 PM): A

soulscream7 (5:16:47 PM): and um

theREAS0Nwhy (5:16:49 PM): hahahha i know

soulscream7 (5:16:51 PM): you need a job here in QA lol

theREAS0Nwhy (5:17:03 PM): *lmao* why

soulscream7 (5:17:08 PM): because

soulscream7 (5:17:09 PM): you’re like

soulscream7 (5:17:18 PM): “this doesn’t work…this doesn’t work….and this doesn’t either”

theREAS0Nwhy (5:17:58 PM): Yeah – but would i be able to fix it?

soulscream7 (5:18:08 PM): you dont’ have to

soulscream7 (5:18:12 PM): that’s not QA’s role

soulscream7 (5:18:19 PM): that’s Development’s role

theREAS0Nwhy (5:18:50 PM): so all I have to do is sit there and talk about doesn’t work?

soulscream7 (5:19:14 PM): pretty much

soulscream7 (5:19:17 PM): you write up bugs

soulscream7 (5:19:30 PM): you’d be like Bug 6564516 Radio doesn’t work

theREAS0Nwhy (5:19:33 PM): oh, that job would be so good for me

  1. I know I wouldn’t mind having a job like that.

  2. Great…two women that would love to have a job where all you do is complain & get paid for it…. the irony >:O

  3. Now R&C’s comment was funny!

    There’s nothing wrong with beta, it’s foisted upon us all the time, they just pretend it isn’t a beta version.

  4. Shir AOL used to give away its shit if you were brave enough to beta test their stuff.