Okay – where does a person find some stools? I want to spend no more than $200 on some stools for my kitchen table and I can’t find them.

This whole new apartment thing has me out like 5G’s which in a way is awesome because I have no idea as to where it came from and particularly, where it went. Money has that effect on me.

But the glory continues and I continue to be sans stools. Which I wanted to have by no later than Thursday. Maybe tomorrow I will swing up to Gothic Cabinet Craft.

Besides the stools and various odds and ends – DAMNIT – we still need a flippin’-mother-hobbin’ coffee table. Which I found and then lost because it went out of stock. I was soo pissed and my incredible frugality keeps me from even shopping around for one.

And the three week old rug already has coffee, Gatorade rain, lemonade and Chimi-pee on it. Three weeks old. But, whatever, we buy these things to enjoy them, right?

  1. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to furnish a place yet… But the rug will probably get all those stains sooner or later, anyway? :S

  2. All right, I can’t help writing this…

    Do you really want me to tell you where to find stool?

  3. For a minute, I thought you said you were in need to stool and all I could think of was, “why does this girl need poo?”

    Anyway, my best advice would be to search the streets on trash nights, especially the wealthier neighborhoods. You’re furnishing your apartment at the time of the year when most people purge their apartments and buy new stuff. You never know, I’ve seen some gems on the curb.

  4. When I lived in South Carolina, I bought a great set of stools. My then-girlfriend bought the table. We should have done it together, but we didn’t, because the stools were useless unless we were willing to eat with food at our knees. They’re crap now, one wobbles and the other I use for a stand since I have nothing else for it. She had the other two – probably ate them or something, who the Hell knows?

    Anyway, here’s where you can get stools.

    • IKEA
    • Wal*Mart
    • Target

    You can also try the doctor’s office, but I think those are only samples.

  5. [quote post=”1173″]• IKEA
    • Wal*Mart
    • Target[/quote]

    Ditto to this.

    I just did a quick search on Wal*Mart and Target, and both have stools starting at under $30 each. Ikea has really nice furniture – good quality, long lasting – for a highly reasonable price, more expensive than Wal*Mart, but I recommend their furniture to everyone.

  6. i hate to comment on my own things- but wednesday i found 4 walnut 30″ (pub hieght) stools for $20 each. WOOO HOOO!

  7. No need to hate… congrats Mary!