Prime Time TV

Last night I went into the kitchen to make dinner as per the usual, and the TV was on. Being unable to find the remote control, I wound up watching Ghost Hunters on SciFi. For those of you not in the know, Ghost Hunters follows TAPS ( The Atlantic Paranormal Society) as they travel around the country checking out different haunted locations. Sounds good right? I’ve recapped some of the super spooky happenings for your pleasure.

The episode starts out with the group visiting a house in Louisiana that is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a young woman. I jumped in while they were wandering the long, narrow halls on the second story. We join the first team in the attic, where creepiness is afoot:

Scared, and feeling dizzy, they look to see what was in the corner.

Meanwhile, down the hall, team two is checking for temperature disruption in a bedroom.

Seeking the source of the crazy temperatures, they prepare to come face to face with a spirit from the other side.

They wrapped up their investigation and determined that the house in question may be haunted.

Well thank you, I couldn’t have figured that out without you. Seriously though, that’s how the show goes. An hour of people wandering around in the dark getting scared. Think “Blair Witch” but a million times lamer. The second place they investigated that episode was a restaurant, and after eating a meal on the house, they called the investigation quits because the area was too isolated. There’s definitely something something fishy going on there.

Next week I watch the news.

  1. hhahahaah wtf, I could make that with my digicam. David could play the part of the squirrel. Lol.

  2. David would make a great squirrel!

  3. that show creeps me out. cant sleep after i watch it.