When I was a senior in high school, I let my friend Dessa talk me into being the victim in our Criminal Justice Class’ mock crime scene/investigation. It sounded like fun because all of my other friends were taking part in it too.

I’m not sure why I had to be the victim, since back then the guy who was killing me I could have beaten down in a few minutes. But anyways, I was lined up as the victim, and my best friend Kyle killed me according to planned in the back hallway/stair case of our high school.

There was blood and everything, but that’s when we run into the problem…

My determined injuries were a broken nose (from being thrown against the wall) – hence all the blood, and strangulation. Well, they had me fill my hand with this fake blood stuff and then splatter it all over my face when I hit the wall. It worked great, and it did actually look like I had a bloody nose, but less than 15 minutes later, I noticed that my face was burning where the blood was.

As soon as I could, I got home and attempted to get the blood off. Long story short, it didn’t come off completely for two days and also burned my upper lip and the skin surrounding it.

It took weeks for the burn to heal after it blistered and cracked open. It was about the most painful thing I had ever experienced. I was relieved when it finally dissipated, but it left behind its own legacy just for me.

Most people can tell when they’re going to get a cold sore on their lips. So they have time to use those creams which prevent it from ever manifesting itself. I’ve got no such luck. I feel a slight tingle on my lip, and within 5 minutes, it’s a full blown cold sore. I’ve actually stood in front of a mirror and watched one pop up in under 30 seconds.

So my question is this – does anybody know any ways to help prevent getting cold sores without actually knowing one is coming? I know people who swear by garlic, etc, but nothing has worked. So what do you guys think?

And if you were curious, no, the criminal justice class did not bring my murderer to justice. They charged and convicted my other friend who was discovered hovering over my body (only because he is the one who found me).

  1. I usually end up giving myself a cold sore when I accidentally bite myself. And the second I bite, I know it’s over. And I don’t have time to actually do something about it because it develops quickly.

    In fact, as I write this, I just realized I have a cold sore. It’s on the crease, I guess where my tongue meets the bottom of my mouth pit. Today is going to be SO DAMN FUN.

  2. [quote post=”1196″]In fact, as I write this, I just realized I have a cold sore. It’s on the crease, I guess where my tongue meets the bottom of my mouth pit. Today is going to be SO DAMN FUN.[/quote]
    Yes, but are yours as malicious as mine? To puff up, fill up with god knows what (we’ll call it cold sore juice), and then BURST (usually when I’m doing something/talking to someone important). I honestly think mine are actually out to get me.

  3. OH that has to suck. I honestly have no remedies for cold sores. I get them and they don’t go away for days! Maybe try keeping your lips moisturized with chapstick? Sorry, I have no idea.

  4. A few suggested remedies:

    (1) Ice then wet peppermint tea bag placed on the sore
    (2) Abreva
    (3) Witchhazel before / Corn starch after
    (4) Nail polish remover

  5. [quote post=”1196″](4) Nail polish remover[/quote]

  6. Sorry to read about your prop-comedy of sorts :|