He was put in a position where he cost his show weeks of production. He went on TV and blasted his producer, which got him fired. He then went on tour with a mediocre at best “show” which answered no questions as he “promised.”

And now, Charlie Sheen was replaced by this douchebag. A no talent hack who made his way into the business by wearing underwear and became loved for being a stoner male slut on a sitcom mockery of the seventies. He’s toned down since he married someone his grandmother’s age, and now Ashton Kutcher is the new guy on “Two and a Half Men”.

It seems like a lot of the comedy from the show in regards to “Charlie Harper” came from the beer swilling, hooker using Charlie Sheen lifestyle. So how do they bring in Ashton? Have him marry Evelyn?

Or is she too young?

Just cancel the show. There’s no reason to milk it further, is there?

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