Pillow talk

John likes to make fun of me for having a pillow that I don’t like to leave home without. It’s like the security blanket that every has as a child – it’s something that just makes wherever I’m at feel more homey.

Everyone has a favorite pillow, even Paris Hilton! Unlike Paris though, I’ve boarded an airplane without my pillow… after John told me that I wasn’t allowed to bring it with me.

I usually sleep with four to six pillows, two of them are hypoallergenic pillows that are nice. But nothing compares to my favorite purple pillow. It’s the only one I actually sleep on out of my collection of pillows. It’s really soft and squishy – perfectly broken in. It’s the perfect size for putting under my neck when I’m reading, or cuddling up in bed with for a nap.

I don’t like fancy pillows, unless you consider my hypoallergenic pillows fancy. Down pillows never seem to feel right, and feather pillows make my allergies go crazy.

What is your favorite pillow? Why is it your favorite?

  1. My favourite pillow? That’s easy. The ortho pillow that makes me wake up without hip, knee or back pain so I can walk upright. =)

  2. I bought two pillows and they are divine… but I think my favorite is the one I already had before, because it just feels right.

  3. My hubby is my favorite pillow. I just wrap myself around him. He’s so snuggy.

  4. My favourite pillow is actually a teddy bear. I’ve slept with my head on it since I was a small child and I still feel very unconfortable when I don’t sleep on it. It’s not as soft as pillows and not too hard. I always thought I was too old for things like that, so I’m happy to read that I’m not alone, hehe…

  5. don’t really have a favourite pillow. when we got here, we just bought new ones for me so i use ’em cause i have to